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Ambar Feed - Mills

Ambar Feed – Mills is Israel's largest feed-mill enterprise, and it is run in compliance with the world's most advanced
manufacturing methods and regulations.

It was founded in 1961 as a regional facility, jointly owned by the 39 kibbutzim that comprise the Granot regional organization, and collective moshavim in central Israel.

Over the years, the list of owners grew and now, as well as the Granot farms, among the owners are farming communities of three regional organizations the Judean Hills, the Negev, and the Southern area. In all, 146 kibbutzim and moshavim – from the Haifa district, down to the area around Eilat – are among the owners of Ambar.

Ambar owns two major production sites, Ambar North – located in Granot industrial area, across from Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, near Hadera, and Ambar South – near Kibbutz Dvir in the north-eastern Negev.

In 2014, Ambar marketed over 800,000 tons of feed.

Ambar produces animal-feed for several sectors, including broilers, turkeys, breeders, layers, dairy herds, calves, sheep and fish. As well as its standard production line, Ambar is capable of complying with specific demands from its customers.

Ambar's mission is to serve all sectors of the livestock economy by supplying the optimum kinds of feed in terms of economic feasibility and nutrition. To provide response to each sector's individual requirements, Ambar launched a special feed mill for the breeders sector, operating according to strict bio-security regulations. The numerous production-lines mean that Ambar can meet the needs of all breeding branches.

Ambar's large-scale laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment, and works closely with the nutrition department. Its production-line, with its innovative equipment, makes it possible to provide solutions for the entire range of customer needs, and is fully backed by a dedicated technical office. Ambar's shipping department operates a large fleet of the latest, clean and sterilized trucks.

As a feed mill facility, it is particularly important for Ambar to be involved in all elements contained in the feed it manufactures. That's why Ambar decided to produce its own vitamins premix from totally secure sources, thus ensuring maximum quality  and reliability. It's independent production plant, located on Ambar's premises, offers full service for Ambar feed as well as supply services to external customers.

Apart from its activity in feed, Ambar is involved in other operations interfacing with this area:

Ownership of Ambar Feed Centers (100%)
Ambar Feed Centers manufacture and supply T.M.R. (Total Mixed Ration) for all branches of ruminants – dairy cows, dry cows, beef cattle, heifers, goats and sheep.

Today the company operates few feed centers throughout Israel, and plans to establish more in order to complete its nationwide deployment.

Ambar's feed centers have introduced the feed bunk dispensing T.M.R. truck method to Israel, and the unique T.M.R. compounded feeds tailor made concentrate method.

Ownership of Alef Bar (100%)
Alef Bar is a branch of Ambar and currently produces over 30,000 tons of poultry meat per year. The company Managed by Ambar and include cooperative projects with Cornish Hen Ltd, Efrat, and Mishmar Haemek.

Partial ownership (50%) of the Ramit and Efrat companies
Efrat and Ramit represent the international companies Ross Breeders, and BUT; they operate parent stock for broilers and turkeys.

Partial ownership (50%) of Cornish Hen Ltd
Cornish Hen Ltd. owns slaughter-houses for broilers and turkeys, operating in few sites – Off Hanegev, which produces 42,000 tons of broilers, Ma'of – 30,000 tons of turkeys, Hod Hefer slaughters 26,000 tons of broilers, and 8,000 tons of turkeys, and Kfar Menachem – high kosher 10,000 tons broilers yearly.

Partial ownership (50%) of Mekorit Bar Ltd
Mekorit Bar Ltd. Breeds and markets light layers chicks.

Setting the highest standards on issues of quality and customer service has brought Ambar to its current status as Israel's top feed mill in livestock feed market.

Ambar believes it vital to continue maintaining that commitment to its customers as a reliable, professional, and effective organization – for its customers to successfully breed and raise

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